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Acupuncture Appointments

A private appointment with a qualified acupuncturist embracing a whole health view – physical, spiritual and mental- using the tradition of Classical Acupuncture. This system of healthcare is enduring, having been in continuous use for over 2000 years.

While clients may present describing their health issues in the language of Western Medicine – eg. anxiety, asthma, abnormal blood pressure, infertility, menstrual disorders or pain – acupuncture does not treat any of these conditions. Rather they are considered signs and symptoms of an energetic disturbance of the body/mind. This is what acupuncture aims to address and thus reduce symptoms and improve overall health and well being.

Traditionally acupuncture has been used to keep people well, treating them at the start of each season. Only more recently has its use become widespread for just remedial purposes.


Duration: 60 mins
Fee: $95 – $105
Rebates apply