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Our service is based on a blend of physio science and movement therapy influenced by Pilates, yoga, exercise rehab, kinetic link training, strength, stretch and conditioning principles and more.


Realign. Rebalance. Reactivate.   These three terms summarise the core philosophy of Featherstone Physio Pilates. They are multifaceted terms that encompass both the physical aspects of the body – muscles, joints and nervous system – and also extend to whole body wellness aspects such as outlook, lifestyle choices and vitality. At Featherstone Physio Pilates we believe that our approach can Realign, Rebalance, Reactivate the relationships of body and mind wellness.


Physical fitness is the first pre-requisite to happiness
Joseph Pilates


Featherstone Physio Pilates aspires to promote proactive health and wellness for its clients. We achieve this with nurturing and comprehensive physio, physio exercise rehab, general Pilates, movement therapy, acupuncture, therapeutic laser, massage and mindfulness services. Our integrated approach provides a wide range of treatment and professional staff options appropriate to client requirements, focusing on getting the client to where they want to be.


Breath control | Spine articulation | Posture & body awareness | Improve co-ordination | Joint alignment | Increase flexibility | Joint mobility | Improve balance | Movement Efficiency | Core muscle control | Self pacing | General muscle strength | Mindfulness | Pain management | Injury prevention | Enhance daily movement | Integrate sporting goals | Stress management | Active aging

Why Movement Therapy with a Physio?

Physiotherapists have a university degree in anatomy, biomechanics and pathology. This knowledge of the human body is integrated with a variety of movement therapies including Clinical Pilates, yoga, kinetic link training, strength, stretch and conditioning principles, PNF techniques, Bobath concepts and more to teach quality efficient movement based on evidence and outcome measures. The sessions will be modified and adapted to suit individual needs with clinical reasoning skills and can lead to greater outcomes for clients.

Sessions conducted by a certified Pilates instructor or myotherapist will have input from physios to enhance Instructor Pilates and massage services.

All sessions conducted by a physiotherapist are eligible for private health fund rebates. Rebates differ between funds so please contact the insurer for specific information.

Frequently Asked Questions